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Elizabeth Ashley Wharton: Rockstar Biography

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, through the melodious corridors of her life, has emerged as a notable figure within the music industry. Born to the renowned rocker Vince Neil and Beth Lynn, his first wife. Elizabeth has gracefully carried forward her father’s musical legacy.

Today, she’s an accomplished bassist, currently associated with her former husband’s band, Loomis and the Lust. This detailed narrative aims to unfold the lesser-known aspects of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s life.

Insights into Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Life

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, a name synonymous with music, is 38 years old at time of writing. She has a mixed family structure of three sisters and one brother. An interesting aspect of Elizabeth’s personal life is her passion for body art, which is reflected in her numerous tattoos. She was previously married to Will, a fellow musician, for several years. As of now, Elizabeth’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $200,000.

The Genesis: Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Early Years

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton was born on 13/04/1985, in the vibrant state of California, United States, to her father Vince Neil and mother Beth Lynn. She is an American citizen who identifies with a Caucasian ethnicity.

A Multifaceted Sibling Connection

Elizabeth shares her life with several half-siblings, her half-brother is the oldest. Neil Jason Wharton, has the same father Vince but his mother is an ex girlfriend named Tami. Neil, like his sister, is deeply immersed in the world of music, Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkies is the band and he’s lead singer.

Her half-sister, Skylar Lynnae Neil tragically passed away on August 15, 1995, due to cancer. Skylar was born from Vince’s second wife Sharise Ruddell. Elizabeth has two additional half-sisters, Tess and Rainy, as referred to in an Instagram post by her ex-husband, Will.

Tragic Loss of a Young Life: Elizabeth’s Half-Sister Skylar

Skylar Lynnae Neil, the half-sister of Elizabeth, unfortunately, succumbed to cancer at the tender age of 4 on August 15, 1995. As per a report by People, she had form of kidney cancer that affects children called Wilm’s tumor. This tragic loss resulted in Vince Neil establishing the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund, aimed at spreading awareness about diseases that could affect children.

Her Life Beyond Music

Rumors circulated that Elizabeth underwent neck surgery due to a medical condition known as Cystic fibrosis. However, this is not confirmed by Elizabeth or her family, leading to speculations that these reports might be inaccurate. Interestingly, Elizabeth made headlines for her unique approach to accessorizing her outfits, often using nail polish to create makeshift necklaces.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Career

Music has been an integral part of Elizabeth’s life, much like her father and siblings. She is currently the bassist for the band Loomis & the Lust, where her ex-husband serves as the frontman. Formed in 2008 it’s a pop-rock band based in California and has released several singles since its inception. Their debut record, Bright Red Chords, earned them MTV’s “Freshman” award. Aside from playing the bass, Elizabeth also showcases her singing talent on various platforms.

Marriage to Will Loomis

Will and Elizabeth embarked on their marital journey on October 15, 2014, in the picturesque Four Seasons Biltmore located in Santa Barbara. The couple, both passionate about music, managed to maintain a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives for nearly a decade before deciding to part ways.

Before their marriage, the couple was in a relationship for over four years. They first crossed paths in 2010. Celebrating their decade-long association, Will shared a post on Instagram stating how he can’t believe they met so long ago already.

Did Elizabeth and Will Have Children?

Despite their decade-long marriage, neither Elizabeth nor Will have ever mentioned having children. However, in 2023, a picture was shared by Will featuring three generations, sparking speculations about the child in the image being a son or nephew.

Elizabeth and Will’s Separation

In August 2023, Will announced via Facebook that they had decided to part ways amicably, assuring that they would continue to remain good friends. Their decision to separate was influenced by their growing apart as their marriage evolved.

Mother of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Beth Lynn, Elizabeth’s mother, is primarily known as Vince Neil’s first wife. In his book, “Tattoos And Tequila: To Hell And Back With One Of The Rock’s Most Notorious Frontman,” Vince describes Lynn as a wealthy babe from San Diego. However, Elizabeth has maintained a low-key stance when it comes to her mother, rarely speaking about her in public or sharing pictures on her social media platforms.

Elizabeth’s Parents: A Short-Lived Matrimonial Bond

Elizabeth’s parents got married in 1981, in a grand ceremony at Orange County’s famous Crystal Cathedral. Their relationship began after a chance encounter facilitated by Nikki Sixx, Motley Crew bassist). However, their marriage was short-lived, ending in 1985 after four years.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Net Worth

Elizabeth’s success in the music industry, coupled with the potential financial support from her successful father, Vince Neil, has resulted in an estimated net worth of around $200,000. On the other hand, her father boasts a staggering net worth of $50 million, reflecting the financial success he has achieved in his music career.


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