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Azurie Elizabeth Irving: The Daughter of Kyrie Irving

Azurie Elizabeth Irving, daughter of NBA star Kyrie Irving is a well-known American basketball player who plays professionally. Few people are aware of his family and personal life. In this article, you may read more about his daughter.

He has competed with the Dallas Mavericks in the (NBA). In the 2011 NBA Draught, he was selected first overall and was crowned Rookie of the Year after the Cleveland Cavaliers made their initial selection of him.

Who is Azurie Elizabeth Irving?

Azurie Elizabeth Irving is a famous American child who is the daughter of Andrea Wilson and NBA star Kyrie Irving. Azurie became well-known as a result of Kyrie, her father, who has been selected to the All-NBA Team twice and has been an NBA All-Star six times.

Full NameAzurie Elizabeth Irving
BirthdayNovember 23, 2015
Age7 Years
Birth PlaceDallas, Texas, USA
MotherAndrea Wilson
FatherKyrie Irving
GrandparentDrederick Irving, Elizabeth Irving

Azurie Elizabeth Irving birthday is on 23rd November 2015. Her mother is Andrea Wilson whom Kyrie broke up with shortly after Azurie was born.

Azurie Elizabeth Irving’s Educational Background

As of 2023, Kyrie Irving baby girl is just 7 years old and is not currently enrolled in school. Kyrie Irving has stated that he is eager to watch what she achieves in her education.

She is in elementary school right now, and her place of enrollment doesn’t seem to be disclosed. She is, nonetheless, reported to be an intelligent and inquisitive youngster.

According to Kyrie Irving, he is dedicated to giving his daughter the finest opportunity and wants her to have an education that is comprehensive.

Furthermore, he has stated that he intends to educate her about her heritage and customs in order to help her develop a sense of pride in her Native American background.

Who is Azurie Elizabeth Irving Mother?

Azurie Elizabeth Irving mom is Andrea Wilson. She competed in the 2010 Miss Texas USA pageant as a past pageant queen.

The couple who would become Azurie’s parents first met in 2013 and remained together through 2015, just before Azurie was born.

Regarding her connection with Kyrie Irving or her daughter, Azurie, Andrea Wilson has not made any public statements.

She has, however, shared Kyrie Irving daughter pics on various social media platforms. She declared in one post that Azurie was “the light of my life” and added that she was “so pleased to be her mother.”

Kyrie Irving’s Current Relationship

Marlene Golden Wilkerson and Kyrie Irving started dating in 2019, and their romance received a lot of media attention. The couple’s relationship is unknown, however, they were spotted together on a number of occasions, notably at the Met Gala.

Irving and Wilkerson declared their engagement in September 2019. On his Instagram feed, Irving posted a photo of the wedding band with the description, “My Queen. My entire being. My lifelong companion.

Many people were surprised by the engagement because the pair had just recently started dating. Kaire Irving was born to Irving and Wilkerson in June 2021 after they were engaged. Later, in October 2022, they received another blessing in the form of a kid whose name has not yet been made public.

Kyrie Irving Children

With his current spouse, Marlene Golden Wilkerson, Kyrie Irving has two sons. Kyrie Irving kid is three in total.

  • Kaire, his first child, was born in 2021. He is thus two years old right now.
  • Their second son, whose name has not yet been released, was born in October 2022.

And, Azurie Irving, who is Kyrie Irving daughter. Azurie Elizabeth Irving mom is Andrea Wilson. Kyrie parted ways with Andrea in 2015. Now, Kyrie Irving wife and daughter live with Kyrie.

In this video, Kyrie Irving wife and kids have their family time with Kyrie himself. https://youtu.be/5OblJsS3gys.

Azurie Elizabeth Irving’s Family

Azurie Elizabeth Irving hails from a line of outstanding athletes who are required to participate in all sports. 

Popular NBA point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, and her father is a member of the team. He is among the people who have been in the news for a decade and still has a significant following every season.

Azurie’s grandfather, Drederick Irving, played basketball when he was younger. He represented the Australian team Bulleen Boomers, and he succeeded in furthering his career before retiring.

Before leaving the sport, he also had a brief career as a coach for basketball in New Jersey.

Elizabeth Irving, her grandmother, was a volleyball player at Boston University from a young age. She is tardy because it has been determined that she passed away in 1996.

Her aunt, London Irving, plays women’s basketball professionally and is still working towards that goal.

Except for Kyrie’s older sister Asia, who doesn’t go the same route, the entire family is made up of athletes who are knowledgeable about the rules of the game.

Kyries daughter Azurie Elizabeth Irving taking the same route to pursue a career in athletics won’t come as something of a shock.

Current State of Azurie Elizabeth Irving

One of the greatest joys in Kyrie’s life is his daughter Azurie Elizabeth Irving, with whom he enjoys a close relationship. Because of all the turmoil surrounding their relationship, coping with Andrea Wilson wasn’t an easy journey.

One of the greatest stories back then was getting a white woman pregnant by dating her. Unfortunately, they had to call it quits before their baby girl was born because of all that had been going on in their relationship.

Despite their strained relationship, they remain partners in their daughter’s life, though the father is granted sole custody.

Almost all of her life has been spent with her father, Kyrie Irving, who adores his daughter. Azurie is still living happily with his father Kyrie Irving. 

Azurie Elizabeth Irving parents are now Kyrie and his new partner Marlene and Kyrie children are also living with them.

A Shoe Brand Introduced with the Name of Azurie Elizabeth Irving

Kyrie Irving and Nike have collaborated to produce shoes for young toddlers in Kyrie daughter name. The Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6, two models in the range, are renowned for their distinctive designs and superior craftsmanship.

The bright pink upper of the Kyrie 5 Azurie Elizabeth Irving shoe has purple embellishments, while the sole is white. The heel and sole of the shoe also have a vibrant galaxy-inspired pattern.

The brilliant blue Kyrie 6 Azurie Elizabeth Irving shoe has pink highlights, a white sole, and pink accents. On the heel and sole, there is a cute, cartoonish pattern as well.

Despite being created for young children, these shoes are of the highest caliber. They are constructed from sturdy materials that will hold up to the wear and strain of active children.

Depending on the type and size, Azurie Elizabeth Irving shoes might range in price. They usually cost between $60 and $80, which is equivalent to the price of other premium toddler shoes available on the market.

In December 2022, Nike and Kyrie Irving officially severed their business agreement, putting an end to a spat that had started when the sportswear giant put the alliance on hold after Mr. Irving shared a link to an anti-Semitic movie on social media.


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