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Remodeling a Garage in Style

At some point, a person looks at their home garage in Kansas City and asks, can I do anything about this? If, at that moment, the answer is yes, change happens. However, on the other hand, if the answer is no, then that opportunity rarely comes back again.

This critical but seemingly mundane window of time has dramatic impacts on a home. Kicking a positive change into gear, then the question becomes how to change the garage. And a good remodel starts from the ground up – the floor first.

Creating a Professionally-Finished Garage Floor

In most homes, the garage floor is left unfinished. It’s a sectioned concrete slab, designed to hold the weight of a vehicle but not much else after that. There can also be a slight angle to the flooring to help water drain out towards the driveway if there is a big spill.

As a result, people move in, the garage floor never gets finished, and things spill on it. Tire rub, chemicals, dirt, traffic and more all start to have an influence, and the concrete starts to gray darker over time. It might crack too as the concrete dries out further years after the construction too. In short, it doesn’t look that attractive.

So, it’s no surprise then that people use the garage like a hidden closet for storing things when not using it for car placement. It’s simply not where anyone want to spend any time.

Epoxy flooring in Kansas City becomes a gamechanger for the above. Not only is the bare concrete covered up with the process, the garage essentially ends up being transformed into a multi-use space as well.

Give the Garage Floor a Facelift

An epoxy garage floor near me local example is worth looking at to see what epoxy actually provides, and professional treatment teams should be able to provide references to their work as well for exactly this purpose.

The process starts with a grinding and removal of the top surface of the cement. This removes all the stains, oil, dirt, grit and topical damage on the cement floor. With a clean bare surface, the epoxy is then applied and spread evenly. Temperature matters in this process as well as the next step, curing.

The Final Treatment Provides the Daily Protection

With the epoxy installed, a top layer is then installed as the finishing surface that actually makes contact with anything placed on the garage floor. Whether its tires, tracks, people, shoes or furniture, it never actually touches the epoxy itself.

Instead, a topcoat takes the impact and pressure. This is why epoxy floors are so durable for so long. And that’s also why the flooring choice is great for a remodel that’s going to last for years afterward.

Homeowners love remodels when they are finished, but most tend to be disruptive in the middle. With a garage floor epoxy treatment, however, a team can get in and apply the treatment fairly quickly. The timing of temperature and curing make a big difference, but the whole job can be handled within a few days and with very little disruption. Afterward, most Kansas City homeowners ask themselves why they didn’t remodel sooner. It turns out that good.


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