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Who Was Drake Bell Dating in 2000’s & Onward?

The initial rise to fame for Drake Bell was through his role on “The Amanda Show” and later, “Drake & Josh” on Nickelodeon. During this period, he was romantically linked to his co-star Amanda Bynes.

Their off-screen friendship and on-screen chemistry garnered significant media attention. The most common question is who was Drake Bell dating in the 2000s and after?

Relationships with High Profiles

As Bell’s popularity increased, there was also a rise in the curiosity of the public about his personal life. He was reported to have been romantically involved with various women from the entertainment world, such as reality TV personality Tess Taylor and actress Melissa Lingafelt. His romantic endeavors frequently made headlines and were a subject of interest among his followers.

Janet Von Schmeling and I share a close relationship.

Janet Von Schmeling was the most important partner in Drake Bell’s life. Their relationship was not widely publicized and they preferred to keep it low-profile. In 2018, they got married in a discreet ceremony and in 2021, they became parents to a son named Wyatt. Unfortunately, Bell’s legal issues in 2021 attracted a lot of attention to their private life.

Disputes and Legal Matters

Throughout his career and personal life, Bell has faced numerous controversies which resulted in legal troubles and ultimately caused him to become estranged from Von Schmeling. Despite these obstacles, the two were able to maintain a co-parenting relationship for their son even after their separation in late 2022.

History of Dating

Throughout his career, Drake Bell’s romantic past has piqued the curiosity of his fans. He has been romantically linked to various individuals, but his marriage and the birth of his son, Jeremy Drake Bell, with Janet Von Schmeling were kept confidential until they announced it.

Living Style

Over the years, Bell has experienced significant shifts in his lifestyle. Starting out as a Nickelodeon celebrity and encountering legal troubles, his journey has been a tumultuous one. However, despite these fluctuations, he remains actively involved on social media, interacting with his followers and offering insights into his personal life.


Drake Bell, who was born on June 27, 1986, is currently 37 years old.

The concept of education

Bell received his education at the Orange County High School of the Arts, where his path to learning was closely connected to his early involvement in the entertainment business.

Introduction to Acting

Bell was first exposed to acting during his childhood in Orange County, thanks to his father. Throughout his life, he has encountered numerous obstacles such as a severe car crash and legal troubles, which have greatly influenced both his personal and career development.

List of Accomplishments

For his performance in “Drake & Josh”, Drake Bell has been recognized with various honors, such as a Young Artist Award and multiple Kids’ Choice Awards.

Challenges List

Bell has encountered a mix of personal and professional challenges. He has been accused of misconduct and has been caught up in a legal dispute regarding the welfare of children. In addition, he participated in the show “Champs vs. Stars” and successfully raised funds for charitable causes.

Activity on Social Media

Bell has a strong presence on social media with a large following. He frequently posts updates and engages with his followers, providing them with an inside look into his work and personal life.

The concept of family is a fundamental aspect of human connection and relationships.

The family of Bell consists of his separated spouse, Janet Von Schmeling, and their offspring, Jeremy Drake Bell. He is the youngest of the children of Robin Dodson and Joe Bell, and has three elder brothers and one elder sister.

The social aspect of life.

Despite the controversies surrounding him, Bell has been able to sustain a vibrant social life, often interacting with his supporters and participating in various events.


Drake Bell’s parents, Robin Dodson and Joe Bell, parted ways during his childhood, which greatly influenced his upbringing. Robin Dodson was a skilled billiards player.

Status of Relationship

According to recent updates, Bell is currently separated from his wife, Janet Von Schmeling. They have a son together.

Drake Bell Dating History Recap

The life of Drake Bell has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Despite facing challenges, he has remained strong and dedicated to his art and loved ones, displaying the many dimensions of his character. As he continues to navigate the challenges of life, his experiences stand as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of fame and personal development.

The romantic past of Drake Bell includes both high-profile romances with other famous individuals and a secret marriage that ultimately fell apart due to personal struggles. His experience highlights the difficulties of balancing a private life while constantly being in the public spotlight and the influence of legal troubles on intimate connections.


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