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Elizabeth Taylor Children: What Happened to Them?

Hollywood’s Golden Age produced some of the most legendary characters, including Elizabeth Taylor (a British-American actress), who died in March 2011. She made appearances in a variety of movies, many of which helped her win significant honors like the Oscar and Golden Globe.

Despite the fact that she was well-known and had an illustrious career, nothing is understood about Elizabeth Taylor children, two of whom followed in the footsteps of their mother and worked in the entertainment industry.

Did Elizabeth Taylor Ever Give Birth?

Elizabeth Taylor did really give birth to four kids. With her second husband, British actor Michael Wilding, she had two sons: Michael Howard Wilding and Christopher Edward Wilding.

With her third husband, director Mike Todd, she gave birth to a daughter named Liza Todd-Tivey. Maria Burton Carson, a daughter, was also born to her and her fourth husband,0Eddie Fisher who was a singer.

Every one of Elizabeth Taylor children is an adult with their own families. They are all reserved individuals who rarely discuss their personal affairs in public. But they are known to be devoted to their mother’s memory and to one another.

Elizabeth Taylors kids have control of her estate along with her lineal descendants in her will. She has founded a philanthropic organization in her name that promotes HIV/AIDS awareness and research.

Did Elizabeth Taylor Have Any Children?

Taylor did have children, and according to reports, she was a compassionate and loving mom who took care to keep her family away from “the circus.”

However, Taylor’s cinematic roles, ageless beautiful looks, or mildly controversial affairs tend to gain more notoriety in the spotlight. Liz Taylor’s children were not involved in her personal controversies.

Who are Elizabeth Taylor’s Children?

Here are the lists of Elizabeth Taylor children’s names.

  • Michael Howard Wilding Jr.
  • Christopher Edward Wilding
  • Liza Todd
  • Maria Burton (adopted)

On January 6, 1953, Michael Howard Wilding was born. He works as a producer and actor. He has acted in films like Dallas (1989), The Young and the Restless (1988), and Deadly Illusion (1987).

On February 27, 1955, Christopher Edward Wilding was born. He is a movie editor. The Cotton Club (1984), The Last Emperor (1987), and The English Patient (1996) are just a few of the films he has contributed to.

All of Eliz Taylors children were involved in the film industry to continue their mother’s legacy. 

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Elizabeth Taylor’s kids

How many kids did Elizabeth Taylor have? Four children, Taylor raised three biological children along with one adoptive child.

Elizabeth Taylor Son Death

Only one of Elizabeth Taylors sons, Michael Howard Wilding, passed away. At the age of 51, he passed away from complications from pneumonia on September 3, 2004. He had struggled with persistent health issues for a long time.

Elizabeth Taylor’s second husband, Michael Wilding, and they welcomed their son Michael on January 6, 1953. Of the two boys of the couple, he was their middle child. Michael decided to follow his parents’ traditions and pursue a career in the field of entertainment.

Being a reserved individual, Michael rarely talked about his personal affairs. But people knew he was adjacent to his mom and brothers. For his daughter Laela, he was a devoted father as well.

The news of Michael’s passing shocked his loved ones. He has many years left because he was only 51. His passing served as a stark reminder of how short life is.

Where are Elizabeth Taylor’s Children Today?

All of Liz Taylor kids have gone on to achieve success in their own right, independent of their superstar mother. Taylor’s grandchildren are currently continuing in her footsteps and preserving her iconic legacy.

Following her death in 2011, Elizabeth Taylor left a sizable family behind that continued to grow. The famous actress from Hollywood has ten grandchildren and four children: Michael, Christopher, Maria, and Liza.

She has multiple great-grandchildren who are carrying on her legacy and honoring her memory because all of Elizabeth Taylor kids are now over 60.

Michael and Christopher Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor sons, were raised by her second husband, British actor Michael Wilding.

The heritage of Wilding’s grandmother has also been carried on by her grandchildren. Given that the British-American actress left a sizable $600 million estate behind, it is only reasonable to assume that it will be used to support the causes Liz Taylor cherished, such as her own foundation, which her grandkids are still involved in.

According to The List, Laela Wilding, a graphic designer in the Oregon city of Portland, continues to collaborate with her half-sister Naomi Wilding on projects for The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Growing up in the UK, Naomi spent holidays with her grandmother and even lived with her when on a visa in California. Naomi Cran now owns and runs the Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles with her husband Anthony Cran, and she also works as a fashion stylist.

Christopher Wilding, Taylor’s other son, works in Hollywood as well, primarily in the audio department behind the scenes.

Mike Todd was Taylor’s third spouse, and the two of them had a daughter named Elizabeth “Liza” Todd in 1957.

Due to her father’s sad death in an aircraft crash, Liza never got the chance to meet him; nevertheless, Richard Burton eventually adopted her.

Although Liza had a quiet life, her two boys Quinn and Rhys Tivey, whom she had with her husband Hap Tivey, are also a member of their grandmother’s foundation.

Who are the Grandchildren of Elizabeth Taylor?

The star of the Night Watch had 10 grandchildren.

  • Laela Wilding
  • Andrew Wilding
  • Quinn Tivey
  • Rhys Tivey
  • Tarquin Wilding
  • Lowell Wilding 
  • Elizabeth Carson
  • Richard McKeown
  • Naomi Wilding
  • Caleb Wilding


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