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Zac And Elizabeth Love Island: Are They Still Together?

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber are a pair who won the first “Love Island USA” reality show season. This Zac and Elizabeth love island couple cashed $100,000 after winning the show that year. They dated even after the show ended. They were so in love because of the show. However, are Zac and Elizabeth still together?

After ending the Love Island show, the couple stayed in a relationship for four more months. They announced their breakup using their social media accounts and said it was a mutual one.

This article will discuss Elizabeth and Zac, their connection, and their breakup story.

Who are Elizabeth and Zac?

In 2019, the show’s first season, “Love Island,” aired in the USA. The show had a massive response from the viewers. In the first season, the winner was Zac and Elizabeth. They won the winning prize of $100,000 together.

In the show, Zac (26) confessed his love for Elizabeth (28), and they continued their relationship even after returning from the Love Island mansion. They had to continue a lengthy, distant relationship.

Today, people often ask, are Zac and Elizabeth Love Island-winning couple, still together?

Elizabeth pursued her career as a model and influencer. She promoted brands like Fré Skincare and Auberge Resorts.

Zac is also a model and influencer now. He is active on his YouTube channel. He modeled for companies like Ford, Calvin Klein and many more.

Full NameZachary MirabelliElizabeth weber
BirthdaySeptember 18, 1996September 8, 1994
Age26 Years28 Years
Home townIllinois, ChicagoBirmingham, Michigan
ProfessionInfluencer and modelInfluencer and model
Previous professionGrocery store cashierAdvertising executive
Alma MaterAurora UniversityUniversity of Michigan

Are Zac and Elizabeth Still Together?

Elizabeth and Zac, a love island couple, are not currently in a relationship. They were in a relationship even after the show ended for a few more months. They mentioned that the experience of their relationship was bizarre as they fell in love in a TV show.

Zac was from Chicago; on the other side, Elizabeth was from Michigan. Elizabeth and Zac were struggling to maintain their long-distance relationship. Their life needed a change. They tried to visit one another’s location multiple times, but things could have gone better.

As a result, in December of that year, they publicly announced their breakup. Both of them respectfully moved on, and as of today, they are still single.

Rumor says they have dated other people multiple times, but both are looking for a stable relationship and focusing on their modeling career.

How Did Zac and Elizabeth Get into A Relationship?

In 2019, the American TV reality show “Love Island” aired following the British version. The show was a hit. A total of 25 people participated in the show, but Zac and Elizabeth won the first prize in Love Island.

They coupled up in the show’s first week and were inseparable even after the show ended. As Zac described, he noticed Elizabeth right after joining the show. He instantly felt an interest, creating a bond with her. He wanted to continue with her.

As he approached Elizabeth, she didn’t say no. Elizabeth told the media that as they spent time together, they became closer to each other. They did not think a reality show love game would turn them into real-life lovebirds. This Elizabeth and Zac Love Island couple’s love life did not meet the happy ending.

Why Did Zac and Elizabeth Break Up?

Zac and Elizabeth Love Island 2019 winning couple, shared their breakup story soon after returning to their respective cities. They had faced issues while staying together.

What Zac told his fans after their breakup by posting an Instagram story that they had grown apart and their interests were different. Elizabeth shared on her timeline that she and Zac had decided to live separate lives. However, she wished for different turns in their relationship.

When they first appeared on the show, they started living together. They felt a bond from the beginning. But that bond stayed only inside the Love Island mansion.

As they returned from the island, they had to face real-life problems. They had to arrange complicated adjustments. So, they thought it was better to let each other their way.

When Did Elizabeth and Zac Break Up?

Soon after getting back from the Love Island USA show, they broke up. They announced their breakup in December 2019, only staying together for four months after the show ended.

They took time before splitting up, believing they could get a solution to be connected somehow. They even went back and forth to visit one another.

But nothing helped in the end. Their journey started to form in August and ended in December of the same year.


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