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Elizabeth Taylor Marriages: The Actress with Eight Husbands

How many times was Elizabeth Taylor married? In this article, we will walk through all of Elizabeth Taylor relationships, Elizabeth Taylor Marriages and Elizabeth Taylor spouse list.a

One of the most well-known actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Elizabeth Taylor was renowned for her beauty, talent, and opulent lifestyle. Additionally, her married life made both her personal and professional lives newsworthy.

Who was Elizabeth Taylor’s First Husband?

Elizabeth Taylor marriage to Conrad Hilton Jr. was her first out of eight. Taylor was only 18 when they got married in 1950. Taylor said she felt too young to be wedded after the marriage, which spanned less than a year.

According to reports, Elizabeth Taylor first husband Hilton was violent and a big drinker. Sara, Taylor’s mother, attempted to have the union dissolved, but Taylor rebuffed her. But in 1951, she finally announced her intention to divorce.

Elizabeth Taylor Marriages: How Many Times has Elizabeth Taylor Been Married?

Elizabeth Taylor’s marriages had been a massive hot topic in her time. This late English-American actress was married eight times. To learn more about Liz Taylor marriages, including how long they lasted, scroll down.

How many husbands did Elizabeth Taylor have? Well, the total number of Eliz Taylors husbands was seven. And who were Elizabeth Taylor’s husbands? Let’s check out Elizabeth Taylor spouse list below.

Michael Wilding (1952–1957)

Taylor’s brief marriage to Hilton ended, and she soon found comfort in the embrace of Michael Wilding. There were two sons born as a result of this longer-lasting connection, which lasted for five years.

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However, Elizabeth Taylor husband Wilding and she eventually split up due to the stresses of fame and a burgeoning Hollywood career.

Mike Todd (1957-58)

Elizabeth Taylor marriages to movie producer Mike Todd was one of the most painful episodes in her love life.

The couple had a strong bond, and their short period together was distinguished by lavish presents and an intimate family life. They had a daughter together named Liza Todd

Taylor was distraught when Todd tragically lost his life in a plane tragedy in 1958.

Eddie Fisher (1959-1964)

Eddie Fisher was her 4th husband. In order to be with Taylor, Fisher had filed for divorce from Debbie Reynolds, which ignited a scandal that gripped the nation. The marriage eventually ended in divorce despite the couple getting married and having a kid.

Richard Burton (1964-1974 and 1975-1976)

Richard Burton, a Welsh actor, and Elizabeth Taylor’s romance are the ones that best sum up Taylor’s romantic life. Their romance was ardent, passionate, and occasionally turbulent.

They got married, got divorced, then got remarried.  Taylor and Burton maintained a strong friendship until Burton’s dying in 1984, despite their difficult personal lives.

John Warner (1976-1982)

Senator John Warner was Taylor’s sixth husband. She began concentrating on political and social matters during this time rather than acting. During this time, Taylor actively promoted AIDS education and research, using her celebrity to further philanthropy.

Larry Fortensky (1991-1996)

Taylor wed Larry Fortensky, a construction worker, in her third and last union. They had met while undergoing therapy at the Betty Ford Centre, thus their union was unusual but sincere. In the end, their romance concluded, but it opened a special fresh page in Taylor’s love life.

Elizabeth Taylor Marriages: Who Did Elizabeth Taylor Marry Twice?

Richard Burton wed Elizabeth Taylor twice. They got divorced in 1974 after their 1964 wedding. Following a 1975 remarriage, they divorced once more in 1976.

Their passionate and turbulent relationship earned them the moniker “The Liz and Dick Show” in the press. Additionally, they were at the time among the highest-paid Hollywood spouses.

The second marriage of Taylor and Burton was even more rocky than the first. They were always squabbling and fighting, and their inebriated antics frequently made the news. They were unable to fully let go of one other, though, because of their intense love for one another.

One of the most well-known and contentious Elizabeth Taylor Marriages of all time was that between Taylor and Burton. Despite the fact that they were ultimately incapable of making it work, it was a monument to their love and devotion for one another.


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